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    Welcome to Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education! This application form is the first step in the process of studying at our institute. Make sure to visit our website prior to going through the form so that you start becoming acquainted with our institute and with the different programmes we offer.

  2. Section A - Personal Information

    1. Personal Details
    1a. Who are you?

    1b. How shall we contact you?
    2. Residence, Nationality & Citizenship

    2a. What is your current address of residence?

    Note: For an address to be valid as residence, you must have lived continuously at the place for at least twelve consecutive months.

    2b. What is your nationality?

    This is the country of birth as listed on your birth certificate or relevant birth documentation.

    2c. What is your citizenship?

    This is the country or jurisdiction that issues your passport and under which you are represented legally.

    3. Identification Documents

    3a. Passport or Other Identification

    Do you have a valid passport/identification issued by your citizenship country? If yes, please write the document number and upload a copy of the identification section here.

    3b. Student Visa

    Do you have a valid, non-expired Student VISA? If yes, please fill in the next section.

    3c. Working / Residence Permit

    Do you have a valid, non-expired working/residence permit? If yes, please fill in the next section.

    3d. Photo of You

    Upload a passport-sized photo, with sufficient clarify.

  3. Section B - Programme Selection

    4. Diploma (MQF Level 5) Programme
    4a. Which department are you interested in?
    4b. Which programme/specialisation are you interested in?
    5. Degree (MQF Level 6) Programme
    5a. Which degree would you like to read for (First Preference)?
    5b. Which degree would you like to read for (Second Preference)?
    6. Mode of Study
    6a. What is your mode of study?
  4. Qualifications

    Secondary School(s)

    Please fill out the name(s) of any secondary school(s) attended.

    Post Secondary

    Please fill out the name(s) of any post secondary schools attended.

    Secondary and Post Secondary Qualifications

    Please list your best qualifications. Ordinary level passes at Grades 1-5 if SEC and Grades A-C if GCE/GCSE or equivalent are accepted. Advanced level passes at Grades A-C or equivalent are accepted. An awarded Matriculation Certificate is an acceptable qualification to enter the degree programmes.

    Secondary and Post Secondary Qualifications Certificates

    Please upload all your Secondary and Post Secondary Qualification Certificates. You can select multiple files at once.

    English Proficiency Test
    All foreign and Maltese students who did not obtain an English qualification with a grade 4 or better in the last three years, require an English Proficiency Test.
  5. Higher/Other Qualifications

  6. Employment History

  7. Specific Requirements

    Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education is comitted to offering quality tertiary education to all students. We welcome application forms from prospective students with specific requirements and will make every reasonable effort to make sure your experience of studying with us is rewarding. Do you have a condition which may require special lecture or examination arrangements?

    Please provide details if you ticked 'yes' and submit the relevant supporting documentation:

  8. Why this Programme?

    Please provide your reasons for wanting to join this programme (min 200 characters).

  9. Information Source

    How did you hear about Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education? (please tick as applicable)

    Any Comments?

  10. Control Summary

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    Secondary and Post Secondary Qualification
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    Secondary School
    Post Secondary
    Matriculation Certificate
    Test of proficiency in English
    Employment History
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    Specific Requirements
    Why me
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  12. Thank You!

    What Happens Next?

    Following the review of the applications, eligible students will be formally informed to register for the programme applied for. This application does not constitute automatic registration with Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education and / or as an International student of the University of London.

    Once your application is accepted, you are required to complete your registration by submitting another form and settling the one-time non-refundable registration fee (€950.00 for full-time and €480.00 for part-time), from which time, rules and regulations established by SMI will apply. Access to course material will not be provided by the Institute until your registration process is complete.

    A penalty fee of 25% of the EU tuition fee for a single academic year will be charged in the event that you resign following the start of the academic year, which will be decreased by the value of payments effected up to the date of resignation.

    Thank you for choosing SMI and we look forward to having you on board!

    Should you require further details while your application is being reviewed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Fax: +356 21 239 450
    Address: Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education, Schembri Street, Hamrun, HMR 1541, Malta